Dronă militară suspectă, doborâtă de armata israeliană în Fâşia Gaza

Ferrari Press Agency Ref 7807 Drones 1 01/03/2017 See Ferrari text Picture MUST credit : DroneShield A new weapon has unlawfully used drones in its sights.The long-range DroneGun which can ground unmanned aircraft from a distance of up to two kilometres by jamming the radio signals that control it.It could help prevent drones being used for spying or on the battlefield to drop explosives. The 5 kg / 11 lb DroneGun doesn't place any animals in harm's way and doesn't require reloading of nets or other materials.It works by blasting a target with electromagnetic noise at the same frequencies the drobe uses for video transmission and control communications. Many modern drones will automatically return to their take-off point when the connection breaks down.The DroneGun overcomes this by blocking GPS signals.This means the drone will land on the spot, with the makers listing the Dronegun's range at 1.3 miles /two km.Exact figures on the cost of the DroneGun aren't available, but the company says that is in the tens of thousands of dollars.It has already sold one unit to what it says is the defence ministry of an unnamed Middle Eastern country. It was done so on the basis of it being a test unit, which will possibly lead to a large-scale follow up order from the unnamed military buyer if things go well. The device is made by US based company DroneShield. Its chairman Peter James said:"We are glad to both be on the right side of the fight against terrorism and deliver commercial success to our shareholders.”The DroneGun’s development comes as more reports emerge of groups like Islamic State using weaponised consumer drones to strike allied forces.Ealier this year Islamic State formally announced the establishment of an air force made up customized drones built to carry bombs.It claimed that these aircraft had killed or wounded 39 Iraqi soldiers in a single week.In France the military is

Avioane de vânătoare israeliene au doborât, marţi seară, o dronă militară suspectă, deasupra teritoriului palestinian Fâşia Gaza, afirmă surse citate de cotidianul Times of Israel.

Armata israeliană a observat o dronă militară care survola Fâşia Gaza la o „altitudine fluctuantă”.

Drona suspectă a fost doborâtă de avioane de vânătoare israeliene.

Drona va fi examinată de armata israeliană.

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